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Fall 2019-20 Schedule

Preschool Gymnastics


Our Moonbeams, ages 3-5 is an entry level program that is all about fun and building coordination and strength.  This program is designed for very young children who are ready to work independently of their parents with one of our instructors.   With every class, students explore movement and increase flexibility. They build confidence while having so much fun!  It is the perfect opportunity to introduce young ones to a gymnastics experience that will give them the confidence to move forward into our Comets program the following year.  It’s a fun filled first experience for our youngest gymnasts!!


Our Comets, ages 4 to 5, learn about the larger spatial ideas that are important to safety and structure for young gymnasts. Ideas such as understanding their boundaries, balance, flexibility, and smaller acrobatic skills are gained here. With every class students have set goals to achieve which leads to a sense of accomplishment and pride in their achievements.


Ages 4.5 to 6, take Comets goals to the next level, having accomplished skills in Comets or having achieved these skills in other gymnastics programs. Their curriculum is expanded with added skills on all of the apparatus while continuing to work on strengthening the technique of their previously learned skills.


Young Child


Ages 6 to 8, focuses more on muscle control and body awareness. At a young age like this, we have seen much progress in our students due to their willingness to attempt various skills. These students develop a greater understanding and a solid foundation of basic gymnastics. Students achieve greater strength, flexibility and coordination and move forward with acrobatic skills as they are ready. Our Shooting Stars truly shine!


Ages 6-8 take off where Shooting Stars ended, pursuing this next level of this program or having achieved these skills in other gymnastics programs.  Students continue to develop greater strength, flexibility and coordination and move on to the more advanced skills that they will now be ready to take on.


Ages 6-8, Our Jupiter program is designed around our younger students who have advanced through the Fireball program. Jupiters will continue to develop their skills on an intermediate level. Prerequisite is one year of Fireballs.


Older Child


Ages 9 to 12, really pump up our gym with their boundless energy. Ready to learn, our Meteors begin to jump into tumbling and primary beam, bars, and vaulting skills. Balance and flexibility exercises are presented and agility is stressed. Even from a galaxy away, one can see the control and strength they accomplish.


Ages 9 to 12, take the skills learned in our Meteors programs to the next level. Meteorites move quickly and accomplish more advanced balance and flexibility exercises, stressing more advanced floor work, tumbling and beam, bars and vaulting skills.  Drills and progressions are emphasized to prepare our stars to succeed.


Ages 9 to 12, The asteroids program is for returning meteorites. This program is for children who have been in our meteorites program for more than a year. It will continue to challenge your child on the four disciplines of Gymnastics while developing strength and coordination as well as team building and sportsmanship.


Ages 9 to 12, are for intermediate students coming from our Asteroids program or the outside that already possess tumbling, beam, bars, and vaulting skills that are ready to fly. Core strength, balance and flexibility continue to be stressed. Along with even more advanced skills through drills and progressions on all of the apparatus.


Specialty Classes


Age 10 and up, from beginner thru advanced, our teens build strength, agility, flexibility and confidence. Working on tumbling, beam, bars and vaulting, our instructors lead them through drills and progressions designed to help them achieve the maximum results.  We help dancers, cheerleaders and athletes achieve their acrobatic and gymnastics goals in a safe and nurturing environment. 1 hour or 1.5 hour classes offered.



Ages 6-10, This class will help our students to develop the strength, flexibility, and coordination required in gymnastics. Boys gym will focus on the Men’s apparatus and will work with instructors to learn skills on floor, vault, pommel horse, and parallel bars. Our boys are really out of this world!



Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport in which individuals manipulate one or two pieces of apparatus. Rhythmic combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation. Classes will use ropes, hoops, balls, clubs, and ribbons. Rhythmic students work on strength, power, flexibility, agility, dexterity, endurance and hand-eye coordination.


Team Program (By invitation or evaluation)


Our pre-team members are students who have shown the ability to pick up new skills, high levels of body awareness and the determination to improve. Pre-team members will increase their strength, flexibility, and coordination to prepare them for competitive gymnastics. This class will move at a faster pace than our instructional classes and have an increased focus on technique, skill progression and acquisition.


Our Team members are our students who show a high level of gymnastics ability and have a high skill level on all four of the apparatus. Team members will have a high focus on developing flexibility and strength through stretching and conditioning. These students will concentrate on developing skills and routines for competition with a high level of technical aptitude.