We are a recreational gymnastics program that focuses on acrobatics, using state of the art gymnastics equipment to achieve fitness while having a healthy dose of fun! Not only will your child learn various skills, but they will gain strength and confidence as they follow our exciting curriculum to success. Our staff is USAG safety certified and will encourage your child to progress at their own pace in a safe and nurturing environment. We welcome gymnasts of all ages and levels to come join our galaxy of Starz.


Our Moonbeams, ages 3 to 4, learn about the larger spatial ideas that are important as a young artist. Ideas such as understanding their boundaries, balance, flexibility, and smaller acrobatic skills are gained here. With every class, students have set goals to achieve which leads to a sense of accomplishment and pride in their achievements.


Ages 4 and 5, take Moonbeams goals to the next level, having accomplished skills in Moonbeams or having achieved these skills in other gymnastics programs.


Ages 5 to 7, focuses more on hand-eye coordination, muscle control and body awareness. At a young age like this, we have seen much progress in our students due to their willingness to attempt any skill. Students achieve greater strength, flexibility and coordination and move forward with acrobatic skills as they are ready. Our Shooting Stars truly shine.


Ages 6-8 take off where Shooting Stars ended, pursuing this next level of this program or having achieved these skills in other gymnastics programs.


Ages 8-10, really pump up our gym with their boundless energy. Ready to learn, our Rising Stars begin to jump into the tumbling portion of gymnastics. More advanced balance and flexibility exercises are presented and rhythm and agility are stressed. Even from a galaxy away, one can see the control and strength they have accomplished.


Ages 8 to 10, take the skills learned in our Rising Stars programs, to the next level. Meteors move quickly and accomplish more advanced balance and flexibility exercises, stressing floorwork and tumbling skills.


Ages 8-11, are for intermediate students with tumbling skills that are ready to fly. Core strength, balance and flexibility continue to be stressed.

AGES 11 & UP

Age 11 and up classes stress level of accomplishment, from beginner thru advanced, and continue to build strength, agility, flexibility and confidence. We help dancers and cheerleaders achieve their acrobatic goals in a safe and nurturing environment.

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